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Nordic Baltic Business Forum 2023

Over 150 participants representing the Nordic and Baltic business community, diplomats and public sector representatives gathered in Riga at the Nordic Baltic Business Forum 2023 to discuss resilience, crisis preparedness, and civil military cooperation in the Nordic and Baltic region.

This year’s Nordic Baltic Business Forum was organised by the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Chamber of Commerce in close cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office and the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Dannish Embassies. Thanks to the corporate sponsors –SEB Latvija and BDO Latvia for supporting this important event!

More information:

- What is the current state of affairs in the area of defence, security cooperation, and civil preparedness in the Nordic and Baltic region, what are the biggest threats we face, and how to organise our way of thinking and operation in face of those, where some of the questions addressed during the event with a highly esteemed group of speakers representing the Latvian government, NATO, international organizations, and representatives of the defence and security industry, IT and the finance sector.

- While there is a lot to unpack in terms of the lessons shared during the event, the essence of the conversation is the following: - In order to be able to be better prepared and better equipped to respond to current and future crises, there needs to be a good situational awareness and a shared perception of threat, an open dialogue between the public and the private sector, and an active cross-border and cross-sector cooperation and engagement of the civil society.

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