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Madam Ambassador hosted a meeting with the founder of FCCL and Neste management

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

This year FCCL celebrates 31 years in Latvia. It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Tapio Jarvinen, one of establishers of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (FCCL) and a long time Neste top manager in Latvia and Baltics. The meeting was hosted by the Embassy of Finland in Riga and madam Ambassador Anne Saloranta. Neste Latvija general manager Armands Beiziķis and Neste Corporation M&S vice president Risto Karppinen were also invited and shared their opinion about business environment in Latvia, Neste operations and company’s social corporate responsibility.

It’ s incredible how Latvia and business environment has changed in 31 years, when FCCL and Finnish companies started their operations in Latvia and Baltics. FCCL was a place where expatriates Finns felt like at home, where they spoke Finnish language and discussed business, culture and organized Finnish style events. Now most of companies are managed by local management and most of local Finns are integrated in Latvian society.

Now Neste is a market leader in Latvia with 29% market share. Neste Latvija employs 69 people, more than five of them were employed by Mr. Tapio Jarvinen long ago, when Neste just started its operations in Latvia. Mr. Jarvinen started Neste network in Riga, since 2010 Neste network expanded in other cities.

In the picture from right: Arnis Pooks, Advisor at Embassy of Finland in Riga. Tapio Jarvinen, now retired, long-term leader of Neste in Latvia and the Baltics and Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia. Anne Saloranta, Ambassador of Finland to Latvia Armands Beiziķis, general manager at Neste Latvija Risto Karppinen, vice president at Neste Corporation, Marketing & Services, Operations, Kari Saloranta, spouse of the Finnish Ambassador to Latvia Inta Krasovska, executive director at Finnish Chamber of commerce in Latvia Jaakko Koivusaari, deputy head of mission at Embassy of Finland in Riga

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