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FCCL Team 2023 - Board, Management and Representative from Embassy of Finland

The New FCCL Board, management and representative from Embassy of Finland met today for a very productive meeting to discuss the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia goals, strategy and activities in 2023. This is our Dream Team 2023!

In the picture from left: FCCL Board members Rasmus Carlsson (Leinonen), Hannu Parviainen (INESTA Consulting and Trading), Silva Jeromanova-Maura (SilJa), Andris Božē (YIT Latvija), Armands Beiziķis (Neste Latvija), Uģis Tumpelis (Onninen), the Chairman of the Board Valērija Vārna (Tietoevry), FCCL Executive director Inta Krasovska and representative from Embassy of Finland Arnis Pooks.

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