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FCCL Members visit logistics company Delamode Latvia

In a bid to foster stronger business ties and explore opportunities in the logistics sector, members of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (FCCL) embarked on a visit to Delamode Latvia, an international freight company, this April.

The visit, which took place at Delamode Latvia facilities, aimed to deepen understanding of the intricacies of freight logistics. Members were given an exclusive tour of the company's operations. On this visit, Delamode Latvija operational manager Agris Cimoška presented FCCL members with company's operations, capabilities and future plans.

During the visit, FCCL members shared their experience and valuable recommendations for improving business efficiency.

Discussions during the visit revolved around potential collaborations between Finnish-Latvian enterprises and Delamode Latvia, with a focus on leveraging each other's strengths to enhance efficiency and expand market reach. The exchange of insights and experiences between the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia members and Delamode Latvija's experts served to stimulate dialogue and pave the way for future partnerships.

Commenting on the visit, representatives from both sides expressed optimism about the prospects of closer cooperation in the logistics sector. They highlighted the importance of such initiatives in promoting economic growth and facilitating trade between Finland and Latvia, as well as the wider European market.

The visit to Delamode Latvija underscored the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia's commitment to fostering meaningful connections and driving business development initiatives that benefit its members and contribute to the overall economic prosperity of the region.

Thank you to the Delamode Latvia, Mr. Edgards Čerņenoks, Mr. Agris Cimoška and FCCL members who joined us to company visit!

Photo: FCCL

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