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Business Breakfast Meeting with Minister of Economics

Updated: 6 days ago

Our members were kindly invited to the Team Finland "Business Breakfast" meeting hosted by the Embassy of Finland in Riga, where the guest of honor was Mr. Viktors Valainis, the Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia.

“It was excellent meeting. Mr. Viktors Valainis surprised really positively with plans and already taken actions on Latvia's development”, after the meeting said Lasse Henritius, deputy chairman of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia and CEO of Scandicorp.

Our sincere thanks go to the Finnish Ambassador, Mrs. Anne Saloranta, with her team for hosting the "Business Breakfast" meeting for members of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Our gratitude also goes to the Minister of Economics Mr. Viktors Valainis for his illuminating analysis and projections regarding the Latvian economy.

“Our ambition is to foster significant economic growth, aiming to double Latvia's economy in next ten years. Now we have a very good team of professionals in the government”, said Mr. Valainis.

"Great discussion, good toughts and actions from Mr.Valainis for development of Latvia," after the meeting said Stockmann Riga director Dace Goldmane. 

Among the attendees at the "Business Breakfast" were representatives from prominent companies including Stockmann Riga, CBRE Baltics, YIT Latvija , Onninen, SilJa, Scandicorp, Leinonen Latvia, INESTA Consulting and Trading, Nordic Council of Ministers'in Latvia, Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, associated member Inguna Žīgure and honorable member Simo Poutanen.

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